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 Environmentally Safe Iron Silicate Abrasives

SHARPSHOT® XL                  Don't Settle - EXCEL!


Iron Silicate blasting abrasives in three popular sizes

The Sharpshot® XL fine grade abrasive is for use on carpet, plastic and wood. Also often used for antique restoration and for automobile surface preparation, this fine sizing typically - with properly working equipment - produces a profile of less than 1.5 mil.




The Sharpshot® XL medium size is for general purpose blasting jobs. This medium sizing typically  - with properly working equipment - produces a 3.5-4.0 mil profile.This is also the preferred size for underwater waterjet cutting applications.



The Sharpshot® XL Coarse is a heavy duty size for the removal of layers of old paint and rust from ships, bridges, tanks, etc. This coarse sizing typically - with properly working equipment - produces a 4.5-5.5 mil profile.




  • More often referred to as copper slag , iron silicate is the most widely used synthetic blasting material available in most countries as it is a by-product of copper smelting.


  • Despite common misunderstandings that these abrasives are toxic, they are not if they are manufactured correctly, i.e., by quenching the slag from a molten form quickly in a bath of moving cold water, so that the  heavy metals contained with the abrasive are bonded as tightly as the lead in lead crystal glass.


  • The complex matrix of the material generally means that the metals contained are not there as free metals and this is the case with all synthetic abrasives.


  • Iron silicate abrasives have the highest specific gravity of the expendable abrasives. This helps to explain why iron silicate is used in preference to other synthetic abrasives.


  • In addition, iron silicate is available in a wide range of particle sizes, which can be quite useful for removing very tough coatings such as chlorinated rubber that require the use of large particles.


  • While a drawback of most iron silicate abrasives is the black dust created when blasting, recent testing has shown that SHARPSHOT® XL is extremely low dusting.


  • Whereas many Iron silicates leave substrates very dark, SHARPSHOT® XL does not because of its low embedment characteristic.







Our affiliate company, Minerals Research,  Inc. (MRI) - formerly MR&R - has been active in the mining, processing and marketing of various mineral products since 1980.


MRI,  now located in Cottonwood, AZ., has extensive experience in the production and marketing of mineral and mineral slag products (SHARPSHOT®

ambient cooled copper slag), including: air blasting abrasives slurry blasting abrasives, air-​roofing granules, roofing backing sands, cement additives, road and roof asphalt fillers, and aggregates.


If your operation is located in Southwest or Western USA, give the folks at MRI a call; they'll provide you with the same fast, friendly and efficient service you can expect from UMKI.


  • SHARPSHOT® XL emerged as the "lowest cost per square foot abrasive".In recent tests, 

  • Use on new and coated steel

  • Environmentally Friendly Abrasive

  • Extremely low dust (see videos)

  • Lowest consumption rate on new steel (< 1 lb/sq. ft. with 110psi Nozzle)

  • Low embedment

  • Recycle 3 to 4 times

  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

  • How to Use SHARPSHOT® XL for Abrasive Blasting"(see tips on "



  • SHARPSHOT® XL aggregates are ideal for seal coating, slurry seals, and chip-sealing projects. Our products are black throughout each particle, thus substantially reducing the quantities of carbon black needed in the admixture.

  • SHARPSHOT® XL will help maintain a rich, black color for years even as the surface is subjected to high traffic wear and tear. With SHARPSHOT® XL you’ll see tomorrow what you see today.

  • The low absorption rate of SHARPSHOT® XL means less liquid required to achieve proper sealer viscosity and shorter cure times after application. This also means less downtime at the job site and quicker access to the pavement for the end user.

  • The angular shape and toughness of the SHARPSHOT® XL particles ensure a good anchor-lock pattern that can resist high static and dynamic loads resulting in a sealcoat that is more durable and provides excellent wet-track abrasion.​



  • Artificial (synthetic) grass is a complete landscape system, which includes the infill material used to keep the artificial grass blades erect and provide ​​ballast.​ For manyartificial turf manufacturers, iron silicate is the preferred infill product.​



  • SHARPSHOT® XL can be added to a concrete mix to make high density concrete for nuclear shielding.



  • For lead abatement, BLASTOX®  is blended with SHARPSHOT® XL products as per manufacturer's instructions. If your blasting job requires the removal of old paint containing lead, the use of BLASTOX® is highly recommended. When BLASTOX® is used in such projects, the BLASTOX® encapsulates the lead and the spent abrasive can be disposed of in an ordinary landfill.

  • For more information on BLASTOX®, see the relevant information elsewhere on this website, or visit the TDJ GROUP, Inc., manufacturer of BLASTOX®.






  • Available in bulk (truckload only), 3000#  and 4000# bulk bags, and 100#, 75# or 50#  bags. 

  • Pallets (non-returnable) are included in the price of bagged material. 

  • Shrinkwrapping is available at an additional charge. Shrink wrap is used solely to restrict movement of bags on pallets, not as a moisture barrier.



  • All UMKI products can be picked up at the Louisville plant in customers' own trucks.

  • UMKI can also arrange deilvery upon request.

Head Office: 4620 S. Coach Drive, Tucson, Arizona 85714

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Fax: 502-933-1951



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